Antarctic Chills Lead to Prehistoric Thrills in “The Land Unknown” -Tonight on MeTV!

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Tonight on MeTV- it’s the uncanny tale of a valiant group of naval personnel who head into the chill of the Antarctic- only to have their expedition heat up in an impossible tropical throwback to prehistoric times! It’s as if they have cracked the time barrier as they find themselves stranded among long extinct giant reptiles, killer plant life, and a dangerous two-footed menace in "The Land Unknown"!

Our Navy stands ready to protect us, but they can also help find answers to scientific phenomenon. That is exactly the case, as they sanction an investigation into what appears to be an area of unusually warm temperatures amidst the deep chill of the frigid waters of the Antarctic. Commander Harold Roberts commands a crew of three on this mission- one of which being Maggie Hathaway, the obligatory female investigative reporter who is somehow essential to the quest.

As their helicopter flies towards the target area, they get a dire warning about a dangerous approaching storm. They attempt to fly around it when “something” strikes their helicopter’s rotor- and they are headed for a crash landing! They miraculously find a landing space- below sea level- and, in the middle of what appears to be… a steaming tropical jungle!? Unable to make radio contact to ensure their rescue, they must attempt to fix the copter (with its legendary damaged push-pull rod)- but are without parts vital to the repairs. Things only get worse when they realize that, not only has the plant life in this realm not evolved (in fact, some needing more than water and oxygen to survive-but protein of the living kind! )- but neither has the animal population- as they discover what the incredible thing was that may have struck their aircraft, and then encounter living dinosaurs! Even more unbelievable- as they continue to search the area, they notice what appear to be -human footprints!

They face the impossible task of escaping this lost world, with its many perils- but find that a mysterious human inhabitant of the jungle may be the most dangerous creature they must deal with! Can they survive to escape, although trapped by fate and multiple menaces- realizing some may lose their lives, while others are doomed to remain as residents of this strange throwback world?

This 1957 sci-fi film is best remembered for its dinosaurs- one in particular- and we’ll tell you about them, along with our cast (watch for a still picture of Tarzan- we’re still not sure if it actually is our leading man Jock Mahoney or the guy who played the Tarzan-like jungle guy on an episode of “Gilligan’s Island”!). We bring back some of the sights and special guests we encountered at a past C2E2 comics and entertainment convention in Chicago- ( be watching in the future for highlights of the recent one we attended earlier this month)including cosplaying convention goers and celebrity fans,

The “Land Unknown” becomes known tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings (or at for time and channel in your neck of the woods. Remember to join the fans on Twitter who live-Tweet during our program, using the hashtag #svengoolie – that help us trend high nationally every week. In the Chicago area, viewers get a second look at the classic Hammer vampire origin story “Horror of Dracula" at 11 am on our local station, CW26.

Kerwyn has been badgering us to remind you to check out his weekly “Kerwyn’s Corner” here on our website, where he presents his “Joke of the Week” submitted by one of you viewers. Remember- it’s HIS choice- we will not be held responsible!

Meanwhile, join us tonight on MeTV as, like a thermos- we go from cold to hot and face prehistoric peril!


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scottieO 29 days ago
Can't wait for Svengoolie!
"It's going to be a really big Shrew, really big Shrew."
The1Butler scottieO 29 days ago
Thats a shrewd statement 😁
The1Butler 29 days ago
Listening to Robin Trower ! Well watching a live show from o5 . Smooth 🎸
MADave 29 days ago
I'd like to send a message to all the dogs I owned over the years I loved you thanks for being my furry frienfs
MADave MADave 29 days ago
The1Butler MADave 29 days ago
Nice 👍🏻
MADave 29 days ago
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Drang 29 days ago
So earlier this week I posted about the Battle of the Blackberries.
This morning was trash pickup; we put out a 96 gallon wheeled bin full of blackberry clippings, plus 6 yard waste bags, ditto. 6 bags is the limit, and we have two more to go out next week...
...Along with a newly re-filled 96 gallon wheeled bin, with yet more blackberry clippings, which were strangling a germanium* bush out back.

*I'm not real clear on the flora round here...
The1Butler Drang 29 days ago
They grow and spread fast !
Katink Drang 29 days ago
Do you ever eat the blackberries? Mom used to make and bottle a fabulous syrup from ours, Drang.
Drang Katink 29 days ago
Druther buy them, less scratchy.
Katink Drang 29 days ago
Good point, Drang! What you save by making the syrup, you spend in band-aids!
The1Butler Katink 29 days ago
With cornflakes!
The1Butler 29 days ago
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DrFish28136 29 days ago
Klaatu DrFish28136 29 days ago
I’d bet that you would say (as I would about my dogs), that your dog is smarter than many many people in our midst. I know that if I had a doggie treat, I could train my dogs to do any function in 5 minutes, which is more than I can say about a lot of people I deal with daily 😢
Klaatu 29 days ago
In reply to the heart warming post from Engineer_Poelzig, Jack, Kyle, Aceman2 and TheButler about their loving dogs who aren’t with us any longer, my doggies are still alive, thankfully. They are my pals and as my wife says, they are our children now. My doggies are my support drug. I sing songs to them while at work, which helps me get through the day with a smile. My dogs would jump to their death if it meant going for a ride in my car with me. I told my wife (morbidly) that when our dogs go to heaven, I’m going with them💕
The1Butler Klaatu 29 days ago
Its tough ugh , we will outlive them .
Klaatu 29 days ago
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The1Butler 29 days ago
Im starting to eat some harvest from the garden 🍅🌶
Hot peppers , super sweet 100 cherry tomatoes and nachos for movie night 🎩
abc123 The1Butler 29 days ago
Our green (bell) peppers are almost ready and the red ones look good too. Corn is questionable, as is the cucumber. Almost giving up on the pumpkins... At least you could tell what all the plants were this time. Next year will be better...
The1Butler abc123 29 days ago
I planted pumkins twice this year and only have one pumpkin that my dog tried to pick up , so it has gouges.
Engineer_Poelzig 29 days ago
In honor of National Dog Day, my little pocket Boxer Whitney, who watches Svengoolie from her place on the couch
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My old dog oz , he liked people because they taste good ! Oh yes he would bite ya !
His eye was always red from when i got him at 3 months old.
PatS Engineer_Poelzig 29 days ago
We spent Monday and Tuesday this week visiting my brother in Indiana. We are cat people, but he has an endearing little pup named Princess Pipsqueak. A hundred pounds of love in a five-pound package. He lost his wife in the last year, and I think the pup is keeping him sane. Pets really are magic!
The1Butler The1Butler 29 days ago
Heres my current dog , chick magnet 😂
The1Butler 29 days ago
Im home this week , so be ready ,im waiting for the clock to strike 12 🎩
The1Butler Mikeyyy 29 days ago
You did a fine job this week 👍🏻
MrH 29 days ago
Guess sventoony will be returning in October based on an article that came up on my search engine.
Guess there will be a one hour svengoolie special and me tv will be celebrating sven.
PatS MrH 29 days ago
Dale posted this earlier -- but it's worth re-posting. Interesting article and peeks 5 weeks from now.
daleuhlmann 29 days ago
I had mentioned in my movie review last week that THE LAND UNKNOWN's most interesting character is Dr. Carl Hunter. Despite his bitterness over his situation, he never permits himself to give in to savagery. For example, though he had tried to sexually assault Maggie at first, he later restrains any impulse he might have had towards rape, rescues her from the elasmosaurus, lets her go, and gives the unwelcome visitors to his prehistoric sanctuary the part they need to repair their damaged helicopter and return to civilization. This charitable act they repay by rescuing him later when he is attacked by the same elasmosaurus, whereupon they take him back with them.

A clue to his character's depth can be found in his highly symbolic name, "Hunter." As that name implies, circumstances have forced him to become a formidable hunter, as a means of survival. This means not only stalking whatever prey he can bring down (as well as by foraging when necessary), but also stalking the dinosaurs of the land by, as he puts it, "planning murder ahead of time." This, he tells Maggie, he does by preemptively destroying their eggs. When she complements him on his cleverness, he simply replies, "That's how I rule!" He is, indeed, a man who has survived by using his human intellect as both hunter and destroyer. Against him, the stupid "big beasts," as he calls them, are helpless.
Bill_K 29 days ago
Good Afternoon, Everyone.....

Finished work for the day! See You all Tonight
Cessna1960 29 days ago
A quick heads up to our Sven bloggers up in the New England area....especially Massachusetts and Connecticut, there are Tornado warnings ongoing up there !! safe..
Cessna1960 Cessna1960 29 days ago
I have to go run an errand....might check back with you all later !! and appreciate all of you!!
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